Hiring Strategies 101

If you seek business growth and success, you know that you need exceptional employees. However, you have a lot of competition for these professionals. Therefore, these are strategies to improve your hiring process.

Create a Recruitment Strategy

As you start to recruit staff for your company, you need to develop a strategy. Where will you look for your candidates, and how will you attract them? Do you have an established human resources team, will you do the recruiting yourself initially or will you outsource these tasks? You also need to develop a job marketing strategy that allows you to reach your target candidates.

Then, discuss your desired hires. What characteristics are you looking for? Will you overlook experience for hard work and a willingness to learn and grow with your company? Write out a clear strategy and share it with anyone involved in your hiring process.

Write Clear, Detailed Job Descriptions

It is incredibly stressful to accept a job and not understand what your actual duties are. This can be frustrating for you as well because your new employee may not perform to your standards. However, if you produce a strong, clear, detailed job description your new hires will understand your expectations.

In addition, high-quality candidates are not attracted to inaccurate, general, or incomplete job descriptions. Therefore, you likely won’t attract the team members you are looking for if you don’t spend time creating a descriptive, informative, and attractive job description.

Prescreen Your Candidates

Your prescreening interview should be a relatively quick call. Your goal is to determine the candidates’ qualifications and get an idea of who they are. You may discuss why they are interested in your available position, their salary expectations, work environment preferences, what their experience and education are, and how they apply.

Check References and Backgrounds

You should never hire staff members without checking their references. Make sure that you have questions prepared for these individuals. Then, investigate their background claims. For example, verify that they attended the schools and received the degrees they have on their resume. Also, investigate their professional experience.

Conduct Multiple Interviews

You may need to conduct multiple interviews if the position is critical to your company. For example, your human resources department may conduct the initial interview, but as a small business owner, you should be prepared to conduct interviews as well. You can also hold group interviews with the individuals the candidates will work with directly.

To get the best employees, you need a structured hiring process. Then, you must remain observant during the interviews. Use this list to create your own hiring procedures.


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