Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Use Alternative Financing To Enrich Your Business

For a company to grow successfully in the competitive business industry, it must have access to the right type of financing. Traditional loans are the right option for many businesses, but if your company has a poor or limited credit history, it may not qualify for many types of loans. A stated income commercial real estate loan is an alternative avenue of financing that benefits businesses of all types and sizes. Pius Capital Group is proud to offer this type of loan in its catalog of commercial finance solutions.

What Is the Difference Between Stated Income Loans and Traditional Financing?

A business usually needs to have a great credit history to qualify for a traditional loan. In contrast, a stated income loan determines approval based on property value. Any company with property that has a value greater than the combined cost of its expenses is eligible for a stated income loan. An additional benefit is that stated income commercial real estates loan require less paperwork than other types of financing so they are approved quickly.

How Can a Stated Income Loan Benefit Your Company?

When you are approved for a stated income loan from Pius Capital Group, you may use the funding you receive in any way you deem necessary to enrich your business. While this flexibility is the primary benefit of stated income loans, we also offer the following advantages to qualified borrowers with credit scores of 600 or greater.

  • Loans of up to $500,000 are available.
  • Commercial properties stand to earn up to 65% LTV.
  • Investment and owner-occupied properties can qualify for LTV of up to 70%.
  • Mixed-use and multi-family properties can earn up to 75% LTV.
  • Our loan terms last for up to 25 years and come with fixed interest rates.

Contact Us Today To Apply for a Stated Income Loan

Stated income commercial real estate loans can enrich nearly any type of company. If you think this avenue of financing is right for your business, contact Pius Capital Group today to apply.